# Name Action
1 Accomodation Allocation Rules, 2002 DOWNLOAD
2 Allotment Of Government Accommodation under Rule of 15 of AAR DOWNLOAD
3 Definition Of Civil Servant DOWNLOAD
4 Designated Houses Rule 4(3) of AAR 2002 DOWNLOAD
5 Eligibility of Civil Servants to Get Accomodation upon Posting to Non-Entitle Departments DOWNLOAD
6 Notification Regarding Criteria Of GWL -Rule 15(2) - Rule 29A DOWNLOAD
7 PM Package for the Families of Deceased Employees DOWNLOAD
8 Pool Accommodation Rule 4(1) of AAR 2002 DOWNLOAD
9 Provision Of Government Or Hired Residence To Persons Appointed oOn Contract DOWNLOAD
10 Recovery Of House Rent from Allottees DOWNLOAD
11 Rule 3(4) of AAR 2002 InEligibility of ReEmployeed Individuals to Get Accomodation DOWNLOAD
12 Rule 29(A)- Inrelaxation of Rules Allotment Orders of Supreme Court Of Pakistan DOWNLOAD
13 Employees of PMAD DOWNLOAD
15 Allotment of Government Accommodation Under Rule 15 DOWNLOAD
16 Adherence of Code of Conduct By Civil Servants DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Assistant Package 2006 DOWNLOAD
2 Assistant Package 2014 DOWNLOAD
3 Assistance Family Package 2014 DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Specification of hired accommodation DOWNLOAD
2 IBD Rent Restriction Ordinance 2001 DOWNLOAD
3 Hiring In Rural Areas Of IBD Rwp DOWNLOAD
4 Decentralization Of Hiring At Six Specified Stations DOWNLOAD
5 Rental Ceiling Rates DOWNLOAD
6 2018 Ceiling Rates DOWNLOAD
7 Hiring of Residential Accomodation in Teshil of Provinical Stations DOWNLOAD
8 Payment of Difference of Rental Ceiling on Upgradation DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Allotment To PIMS Employees DOWNLOAD
2 Allotment to Police Employees DOWNLOAD
4 InEligibility Of National Veterinary Laboratory Emplyees DOWNLOAD
5 Ministries-Division (Schedule -I) Rules Of Business 1973 DOWNLOAD
6 Attached Departments(Schedule -III) Rules Of Business 1973 DOWNLOAD
7 Status of Anti-Dumping Appellate Tribunal (sub-ordiante office) DOWNLOAD
8 Status Of Bomb Disposal Unit Subordinate Office of DG Civil Defence Ministry Of Interior DOWNLOAD
9 Status Of Dental College Chakshazad (Sub-ordiante Office) DOWNLOAD
10 Status Of Election Commision Of Pakistan DOWNLOAD
11 Status Of F.G.Hospital Chakshazad(Non Entitled Department) DOWNLOAD
12 Status Of NIRM As Subordiante Office Cadd DOWNLOAD
13 WithDrawl of Notification No.54(4)-Admn-EO DOWNLOAD
14 Entitlement of Employees of National Assembly and Senate Secretariat DOWNLOAD
15 Notification Auqaf DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 For Deputy Chairman (Senate) and Deputy chairman (National Assembly) DOWNLOAD
2 For Federal Minister and State Salaries Allowances And Privileges Act 1975 DOWNLOAD
3 Notification Of Ministry Of Law And Justice And Parlimentary Affairs S.R.O 131(i)-2012 DOWNLOAD
4 Standard Rent Of Minister Enclave DOWNLOAD
5 Terms And Condition For Appointment Of Parliamentary Secretaries DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Islamabad High Court Decision Regarding The Vacation Of Houses From Non Entitled Department DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Transfer of Allotment to Serving Spouse/Children DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Exemption Of The Employee Of BPS 1-2 DOWNLOAD
2 Grant Of House Allowance And Utility Benefits to the Regular Employees of Presidents Secretariat Declared Surplus DOWNLOAD
3 House Allowance and Utility Benefits to the Employees Of PM And President Secretariat DOWNLOAD
4 Office Order Regarding Rent - Ceiling rent From Non Entitled Department DOWNLOAD
5 Rent Free Accommodation DOWNLOAD
6 Reorganization of the Presidents Secretariat Abolition Of Surplus Posts DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Notification Regrading Posting In Gilgit Baltistan DOWNLOAD
2 Notification Regarding Incentives to the Officers Posted to Northern Areas from Down Countries DOWNLOAD
3 Retention of Government Accomodation on NonEntitled Station DOWNLOAD
4 Retention of Official Residential Accommodation Estab letter no. 9-1-2000-cp dt 22-7-2000 DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Revision of Scale of Office Accommodation DOWNLOAD
2 Decentralization of Hiring of Office Accommodation DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Land - Building Ordinance NO. LIV OF 1965 DOWNLOAD
2 Ordinance liv Of 1965 Regarding Land and Building DOWNLOAD
# Name Action
1 Civil suit 831 of 2013 Titled Sarfrqaz Ayub Khan and Others Versus Ministry of Housing and Works DOWNLOAD

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